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Access Counseling Services was created out of a passion to meet the needs of the underserved mental health and addiction populations. Through evidence-based practices and treatment programs, we serve both the adult and adolescent addiction populations. Recently we all have seen the city of Middletown and the surrounding communities become debilitated by the war on drugs. We have seen the horrific effect that drug and alcohol addiction have on families, children, the school systems and our town as whole.  Middletown has a bright past, but we are working together as a community to embrace what we know will be a brighter future. At Access Counseling Services we are committed to working with local law enforcement to offer many levels of addiction treatment. Whether you are dealing with Heroin, Alcohol, Gambling, Sex or any other addiction, Access Counseling Services can help. With our clients' needs in mind, we have multiple outpatient addiction services available to assist the client and their family though these very chaotic and stressful times.

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