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Access Counseling Services provides a diverse range of mental health counseling to the community. We offer individual evidence-based counseling sessions for everyday life obstacles and intensive therapy for those not so common mental health concerns for our Adult and Senior Populations. Recently we responded to a need in the community by adding a bi-lingual therapist that will allow us to meet the needs of the Hispanic mental health population as well. Our psychiatrists, nurses and counselors work side by side to make sure the psychological, emotional, spiritual and medical needs of each client are thoroughly met and expectations exceeded. 

Access Counseling Services is always on the move offering school-based, mental health services for our younger clients including: pre-school, elementary , middle school and adolescents.  We work hand in hand with several area school districts, including the Middletown City School District to ensure their students get the counseling services they need to make them successful students and happy kids. At Access Counseling Services we have on-site Child Psychiatrists, certified Play Therapists, Trauma Therapist, licensed social workers and professional clinical counselors with years of experience working with families through difficult times. We offer different groups, such as The Incredible Years© for those little ones who may find it difficult to work individually and enjoy the comfort of their peers while learning how to appropriately socially interact and that is just one example. We are sure if you come by and speak to our Access staff we can give you that peace of mind you have been searching for.  

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